It’s Very Hard Not To Tear Up When You See These Shelter Dogs Going To Prison.

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There's roughly 3 million rescue dogs that are euthanized each year because they aren't adopted.

The inmates at the Massachusetts Correction Facility were each given the chance to save an abandoned dog from being euthanized by teaching them how to trust and love people again. The documentary, Dogs on the Inside, was filmed to capture the healing transformation these inmates experienced through their time training their canines.

The program gives each inmate a dog to parent and train.

Programs like these might put more canines into loving homes.

It helps people reconnect with their nature of love and empathy.

Dogs on the Inside

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It's heartwarming to know that despite the tragic life a canine can go through, they're still able to find love and trust again while at the same time rekindling a warm human spirit.

If you'd like to know more about the film check out the website.

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