Woman Paid Professional Photographer For Pics And Couldn't Stop Laughing When She Got Them.

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So this is what Pam and Dave Zaring, along with their two boys, really look like in real life.

Paying someone to take professional photographs of you and your family is nothing out of the ordinary. Of course, professional photoshoots often involve some serious touch-ups to make everyone look their very best. But the Zaring family's photographer accidentally found a way to make the family photos unique and unusual when she took Photoshopping to the extreme.

Now some people find the thought of retouching photos, fixing the lighting, and enhancing the colors, to be a huge no-no! Why? Because people just assume that the photos aren't showing the real you. But when the Zarings opened up their package of photographs, they noticed that something was way off...like REALLY off!

They look like the picture-perfect family and the background is beautiful, even though it's a bit dark.

Pam Dave Zaring / Facebook