Watch 100 Years Of Puerto Rican Beauty In Under 2 Minutes… I Think I’m In Love.

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Puerto Rico is known as the "island of enchantment," for its stunning beaches and landscapes. Located in the Caribbean, this island is a U.S. territory making its residents natural born American citizens. Outside of Puerto Rico, New York has become the second home for this Spanish and English speaking group.

This may explain why the island and New York City are forever connected. Those of Puerto Rican descent have often been called Nuyorican in the city. And with the strong presence of art, literature, and music, it’s hard to tell who has influenced whom first.

The evolution of Puerto Ricans and Nuyorican fashion, however, has not always been in sync. One group may have stuck to its Spanish roots while the other fully incorporated the influence of other cultures found in this multicultural city. Either way, Puerto Rican and Nuyorican beauty in the last 100 years has been anything but boring. We can definitely see where Jennifer Lopez got her beauty tips from.

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