20 Pumpkin Decorating Ideas For A Frightfully Awesome Halloween.


Funky Ombre

Carving pumpkins has become a Halloween tradition people do everywhere. Why else are pumpkin patches in business every year? People come to pick out the best shaped pumpkin they can find, take it home, carve the insides out, and then design their jack-o-lantern of the year.

Carving the same jack-o-lantern designs every year, however, can get a little boring. And sometimes carving itself just gets so tiring. Why not change it up this year with different pumpkin decorating techniques? Perhaps some that involve no carving?

Check out some of the unique pumpkin decorating ideas below.

If you're into bright colors and want to make a statement with your outdoor decor, this is the project for you! You can do the ombre by layering three different colors on top of each other or you can try this fun triangle pattern.


Chalkboard Pumpkins

If you're the type to make a lot of mistakes, try turning your pumpkin into a chalkboard. Then you can draw whatever you want with chalk and if you mess up, you can just erase it.

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Gourd Critters

For this one, you'll be using chalkboard paint again to paint the pumpkins black. But this time, you'll be using the chalk to draw these critters' faces. Hot glue black felt ears and wings to complete the look!


Brush Stroke Pumpkins

Choose one solid color to paint your entire pumpkin. After you do that, choose one other color to dab the pumpkin with, creating the brush stroke pattern.

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Pineapple Sun Fun

If you don't want to put any physical effort into carving, try leaving the pumpkin as is and painting it yellow! Add some green costruction paper to the top and you've got yourself a pineapple.

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Pumpkin Planters

If you're into plants, you're constantly on the lookout for new unique and creative planter ideas. Spray paint a plastic mini pumpkin basket any color you want, fill it with soil and then top it off with a mini plant to match it.

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Donut Pumpkins

Another fun way to decorate mini pumpkins without carving them. Paint them brown on the bottom and then choose whatever shade you want to create the frosting on top.

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Marbled Marvels

Although we're celebrating Halloween and the fall, these give a more spring vibe. Splatter different pastel colored paint over your pumpkins for this look.

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Skeleton Seat

Instead of carving a face or pattern onto your pumpkin, try just carving one big hole and putting together a unique scene within the pumpkin!

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Emoji Pumpkins

These mini pumpkins couldn't be any cuter and easier to make! All you need is paint, paper, and glue! The great thing about these, is that there are so many different emoji expressions to choose from.


Pun Intended

Are you a master of puns? Show those puns off this Halloween by putting them on your pumpkins! Let's creep it real y'all.

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Flying Bats

Paint your pumpkin white and post mini bats on it. You can make the bats out of black poster board. If you want to go all out, you can add a few cobwebs and fake spiders.

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Sequin Polka Dots

Recreate this glamorous look with white paint, glue, and a whole lotta gold sequin. Paint your pumpkins white and make dabs of glue all over the pumpkin to stick the sequin to. These pumpkins can be used as decor from Halloween all the way to Thanksgiving.

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Copper Herringbone Pumpkins

Achieve this look with the help of a paint-pen! These babies are definitely on trend with the herringbon design. But you can always go with another pattern also.

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Modern Metallic Pumpkins

Make your pumpkins or gourds look like they just had some metallic poured onto them... in a cool way. These pumpkins couldn't look anymore chic, they'll make great decor for any part of your household.


May The Force Be With You

If you're crafty with your hands and happen to be a fan of Star Wars, why not try combining the two to recreate these Star Wars pumpkins. All you need is some paint and steady hands.

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Flower Sash

If you love flowers, why not incorporate them into your pumpkin decorating? Cut the stems one to two inches from the buds. Drill small holes into your pumpkin and then stick the stems through the holes!


The Dark Arts

Leave your pumpkin the way it is when you recreate this look. Simply stick some branches into your pumpkin and hang some fun and spooky ornaments.

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Autumn Leaves

One of the more elegant looking pumpkins. Trace and cut out leaves from tissue paper in fall colors (orange, yellow, dark red). Then use decoupage glue to attach them to the pumpkin.

Topiary Trees

Have these eerie trees greet your guests! Paint one twisted tree on two pumpkins and stack them on top of each other. Punch holes to create glowing stars.