She Didn’t Leave Her House For 2.5 Months. Now She Wants The World To Know Why.

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Everyone likes a challenge. One woman wanted to make sure hers was one that would leave people speechless. She built the world’s largest jigsaw puzzle. The Reddit user manne0708 admits it was not a walk in the park. She spent over 450 hours, spanning over two and a half months to achieve the seemingly daunting task.

The puzzle, called Wildlife by Educa, is made up of 33,600 pieces. It can be found on Amazon for $399.99. The vivid images are a collage of exotic animals like flamingos, parrots and elephants.

The enormous puzzle covers a large part of her living room measuring 170cm x 560cm. Surprisingly, no pieces were lost despite her having two small dogs and a cat that were probably eager to feast on the small pieces. She did accidentally vacuum some of the pieces and was so eager to complete the puzzle, she opened the dust bag to recover the missing parts.

Here is her masterpiece.

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