It Looks Like Blob Of Water, But It’s Actually America’s Latest Dessert Craze.

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This is Darren Wong.

Move aside, cronuts and rainbow bagels: There's a new desert in town, and it's cooler than all of the others combined.

It's called the Raindrop Cake, and it was conceived by 36-year-old Darren Wong. It looks exactly like a giant drop of water, and it's made from spring water an agar, which is a vegan substitute for gelatin. It's meant to be toped with black sugar syrup called kuromitsu, and a bit of roasted soy flour called kinako.

According to Wong, the cake was inspired by Mizu Shingen mochi from Japan. He saw a variation of the desert crop up in Japan, and he decided to bring the trend to the United States himself.

And this is Darren Wong's Raindrop Cake.

Strutting our stuff at @smorgasburg press day #raindropitlikeitshot #raindropcake #smorgasburg

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**The cake debuted at the Brooklyn food event Smorgasburg last week, and Wong sold all of his 700 cakes that afternoon.** **"I love Japanese cuisine because of it's simple ingredients and stunning presentation," Wong said in an interview with *ABC News*. "That's what caught my eye about this dessert when I first saw it. [The Raindrop Cake] was a popular dessert in Japan and [I wanted to] introduce Western culture to a different style of dessert."**

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