She Turns Fallen Leaves Into Stunning Works Of Art.

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When the fall season arrives, the crisp weather causes hundreds of leaves to fall from trees like this one.

Once autumn hits, leaves start raining down from the trees. Before you know it, lawns, sidewalks, and even college campuses look golden brown with layers of dead leaves. Now, most people have two choices here, either leave them be and let Mother Nature carry them away in the wind, or grab a rake and clean them up yourself. Most people go for the latter and make mounds of leaves, which they then stuff inside a large black garbage bag. But Joanna Hedrick, a counselor at Sacramento State University, has decided to rake the leaves into stunning works of art. The results are geometrically beautiful!

At Sacramento State University, groundskeepers would simply do what most of us do, and rake the leaves and dump them in a garbage bag. But in 2013, a university counselor came up a brilliant way to use the fallen leaves.