15 Amazing Photos That Will Restore Your Belief In Human Kindness.


On January 7, these Iranian men hung clothes on a wall in Tehran, inviting passersby to take warm clothes if they needed them.

When it comes to selflessness and the beauty of helping strangers when they least expect it, there's no such thing as "too many" random acts of kindness. In fact, the world would be a much better place if there were more unsolicited kindness swirling around in the ether.

These 15 stories definitely prove that point. All of them center on people who didn't do something nice because they had to, but for no other reason than they could. Prepare to be inspired, and take a minute to reflect: How much kindness have you offered the world lately?

Vahid Salemi / AP

A woman in labor accidentally sent a text to a guy named Dennis Williams. It was the wrong number, but Williams showed up at the hospital to visit anyways.

Deorick Williams / Facebook

Three hundred plumbers from around the country came to Flint, Michigan to install free water filters for the community.


This firefighter pays one family's electric bill to help them keep their severely injured teen on a ventilator.


What this homeless man did will almost certainly bring a tear to your eyes.

Nicole Sedgebeer

One couple bought a meal for strangers as a way to honor their estranged son. According to the news, their action set off a chain of random acts of kindness that day.

NBC Connecticut, Sue Skelly Kasw

This woman received an anonymous donation from a complete stranger so that her dog, Gizmo, could have an emergency eye surgery.

Mike Knott / NewsMail

One family in Michigan spends their time making adorable pillows, all part of a mission to comfort sick children (while raising money for them in the process)


In honor of National Random Acts of Kindness Day, dozens of community members in Saratoga, Florida pulled off their best selfless gestures, including buying each other lunch and handing out flowers to random people on the street.

Renee Paquier

One newscaster in Madison, Alabama surprised residents by heading to Wendy's with a camera crew and paying for strangers' lunches.


This young man stopped dead in his tracks to pray for a homeless man.

Eric Gaines

One waitress was incredibly moved by a couple's life story -- they told her all about their ups and downs. At the end of their meal, the waitress took it upon herself to foot the bill.

Christine Bolanos

One group of East Orange area residents – known by the name “Random Acts of Kindness” – has been spotted roaming around the area providing food, clothing and other necessities to in-need community members.


After this woman paid for a man's groceries (he'd forgotten his wallet), he tracked her down and made a $10,000 donation to her organization in his name.

Piedmont Healthcare

And finally, even rapper Lil Wayne was serving kindness recently: He stopped his plane and delayed his trip so he could do a meet and greet with some traveling soldiers.

Amanda Cooper Lickliter