24 Fascinating Photos Guaranteed To Cure Your Boredom.

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Penny is a heart transplant recipient holding her heart outside her body.

If you complain that you are bored all the time, you are not really paying attention to life. There are so many things to see and enjoy from the wonders of nature to the quirkiness of people. It’s not about waiting for huge, epic things to occur, it’s about enjoying the stuff that seems inconsequential.

The world is filled with humorous, peaceful, chaotic, and eccentric things that make life that much more exhilarating and fascinating. Rather than waiting around to be shocked, simply open your eyes. Who knows, the more you begin to see the beauty in everything the more you will want to share it with everyone as well.

Your photo may even make it in a post like this. Take a look at 25 interesting and random things around the globe.

This may be one of those real out-of-body experience.