How Well Can You Spot Fake Photos? These Will Totally Fool You…


The world of photography and creativity changed forever when businesses and homes were introduced to the magic of Photoshop. A photograph that may have come out dull in color, was suddenly transformed into a full splash of hues. Artists everywhere took what their minds conceived and produced it with this innovative program.

It’s hard to believe Photoshop is celebrating its 26th anniversary. Today, when we look at photographs it is difficult to decipher if it came from a photographer’s click of the camera or manipulated from a computer. One thing is for sure, reality and fantasy have crossed the lines.

To mark the occasion we have compiled stunning images that will at times defy logic. It is up to you to decide whether the image is real or photoshopped. Write down your answers and see the results on the last page. I will admit, I got 14 wrong.

Elné Neighya

Andreas Tauber

Jean-Francois Fourtou


Joel Robison/Trevillion Images

Esmar Abdul

Caras Ionut

Andres Amador/Adobe Remix

Matthias Leberle

Glen Wexler

Oleg Belov

Christian Adam/Massif

Max Ellis/Caters News

Benjamin Von Wong

Deborah DeFranco

Olivier Zwilling

Jeronimo Contreras Flores

Justin Lee/Caters News Agency

Aman Agrawal

Erik Almás

Ben Heine

Corey Rich

Erik Johansson

London News Pictures

Hossein Zare

Glen Wexler

Pete McBride

Abbey Benson

Maximilian Gibas

Adrian Chudek

Markus Reugels

Natalie Fletcher

Lonut Caras

Nikki Jane

Andrey Shupilo/Adobe Stock


1. Photoshop 2. Real 3. Real 4. Real 5. Photoshop 6. Real 7. Photoshop 8. Real 9. Real 10. Photshop 11. Photoshop 12. Real 13. Real 14. Real 15. Photoshop 16. Photoshop 17. Real 18. Real 19. Real 20. Photoshop 21. Photoshop 22. Real 23. Photoshop 24. Real 25. Photoshop 26. Real 27. Real 28. Photoshop 29. Photoshop 30. Photoshop 31. Real 32. Real 33. Photoshop 34. Real 35. Photoshop