This Artist Draws Pokémon As Real (And Slightly Scary) Animals.

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Let's face it: The world would be a better place if we could each have our own pet Pikachu.

At this point, you've been late for work and skipping social gatherings, all in the name of playing the Pokemon game with endless amounts of enthusiasm -- maybe you've even caught all 150 or so characters in the game. If so, kudos: But even if you've mastered the app, it doesn't mean you've ever imagined Pokemon could look like this.

As it turns out, you haven't actually caught them all -- thanks to illustrator and character designer Totomame, you've got new IRL versions of these sneaky creatures to dote on. He combines the Nintendo versions with their real-life counterparts, creating a hyperealistic Pokemon that we could actually imagine existing in the world.

After seeing them, you're going to wish Totomame's versions were real -- and you're also definitely going to want at least one of them as a pet -- the blue mouse you'll recognize as Azurill is basically the most adorable creature ever.