Everyone’s Laughing At The British Olympic Team’s Baggage Fail.

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Here's the team coming off the British Airways planes in Heathrow. Pretty cool, right?

The Olympics are over, and this year's games in Rio were some of the most exciting yet. The British Olympic team fared pretty well this year, but little did they know that their biggest challenge was going to be at the airport on the way home.

As it turns out, winning 67 medals collectively isn't enough to keep you from getting your bags mixed up with someone else's at the airport -- especially if you and your teammates were all provided with identical bags. They may have made out in Rio, but what happened in Heathrow is a fail of epic proportions.

We get the idea of having identical uniforms, but we're going to have to go ahead and argue that having identical bags (especially considering that the whole team travels together) is not the best approach to airport efficiency. They might be better than anyone else at their sports, but at the airport, these Olympians look just as confused as the rest of us.

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But for all the medals they've won, they still have one big challenge ahead of them.

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We're going to go ahead and call this game "Mine's The Red One."


Hopefully, everyone thought to put individual name tags on their bags, or this could get embarrassing.


If bag-hunting were an Olympic sport, we're thinking that everyone on this team would own a gold medal.

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