A Giant Red Ball Got Loose And Started Rolling Through The Streets Of Toledo…

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If you live in a big city, you’ve probably seen a few things you couldn't quite explain. Chances are, you haven’t encountered a large 15-foot high, 250-pound inflated red ball casually rolling down the street. That’s exactly what people in Toledo, Ohio, saw when a wind gust knocked over an art installation and sent the gigantic ball on a pin-ball-like lane through an urban street.

Dubbed The RedBall Project, by artist Kurt Perschlke, the ball seemed to have a life of its own. Especially when it decided to tour the busy downtown street. Imagine how the people, who saw this enormous orb up-close, explained their encounter.

The RedBall Project has visited 25 cities around the world.

The artist is interested in seeing people's reaction. The ball is not for observation, it's an interactive experience.

The ball is red because Perschlke finds this color to be one of "energy and love."

Rennes, France.

"The project is not about a ball; it’s about what the combination of the site, the piece, and everyone’s energy creates together in that day," says Perschlke.


Next, lace is art for a Polish city.

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