They Turned Old Lighthouses Into The Most Unique Homes You’ll Ever See.


This one, the Old Lighthouse, St Annes Head, Dale, Pembrokeshire, has been converted into a five-bedroom house.

Standing watch over the sea, lighthouses are often associated with lonely living -- shining beacons that, unfortunately, don't accommodate a lot of people. Traditionally, one light keeper (and maybe a spouse) would keep watch over the property while taking up a modest residence inside.

However, as times have changed, so have lighthouses: Many new lighthouses are fully automated and require no hands-on attention. That means that lighthouses of years past are free to be put up for sale and converted into whatever the owners desire.

These UK lighthouses have been transformed into incredible homes and rental properties, places that would be absolutely amazing to live. See some of them below -- and just try to imagine what life would be like with a view like this.

The top of the lighthouse has 360 degree views of the sea.

There's even a pool inside.

Not to mention a beautiful sauna.

This living room is cozy, with a natural theme that fits into the style of the building.

And who wouldn't love this gorgeous, signature lighthouse staircase?

From far away, this lighthouse looks like something out of a romantic movie or epic story book. However, like many lighthouses in the UK, this one is actually livable.

But up close, it's actually a converted lighthouse, made into a gorgeous home.

The interior of this lighthouse is luxurious and warm.

While the exterior boasts some amazing views.

Can you imagine looking outside of your window and seeing this?

Built in 1835 at a cost £1,165, the historic Point Lynas lighthouse is an absolute stunner.

The lamp shines for nine out of ten seconds, all hours of the day.

Not to mention the fact that it sits on this tiny, rugged peninsula.

The east keeper's cottage comes with a fitted kitchen, three bedrooms, a shower room, lounge and a dining room.

There's even the original stone archway at the gate.

And don't forget about those breathtaking views across the sea.

This lighthouse-turned-home features the former lighthouse keepers' cottages (left) and a five-bedroom family residence (right),

The property has been converted into two-bedroom holiday apartments.

Vacation renters stay in rooms where the lightkeepers used to live.

In 1982, a nearby lighthouse was automated, allowing this one to open up for conversion.

So not only do you get to stay in a lighthouse, you get to walk to another one just a short distance away.

The Muckle Flugga Shore Station, in Burrafirth, Shetland is a gorgeous location.

The property has four bedrooms, a kitchen, living room, and bathroom.

And once again, it's got some of the best views possible.