35 People Who Regret Their Tattoos… #28 Is Why You Think BEFORE You Ink.


Maybe that's not something you should point out.

Before anyone gets a tattoo, they should put a lot of thought and consideration into it. They're permanent; on your skin forever -- that should be a good enough reason alone, right?

Of course, if you don't like your tattoo you can always have it removed with a laser. However, the procedure may cost up to ten times more than what you paid for the actual tattoo. Also, it doesn't go away in just one session, it takes multiple sessions for it to be removed completely (black ink is the easiest to remove). It's also very painful.

Unfortunately, not everyone thinks ahead. These people are the ones with tattoos that are not only regrettable but make others want to cringe. All we can do now is hope they don't get any additional regrettable tattoos.

Nailed it.

First name Lil, last name Chris.

Very inspiring, Bruce.

Thanks for the clarification.

At least he knows it.

Just smile.

I wonder if anyone told him?

Maybe he fixed it.

I wonder how the tattoo looks when they're separated...

I'm sure it's does.


Hello Kitty Jesus?

You'll definitely get girls with that.

So you'll never lose your glasses ever again.


So are you getting paid for this advertising?

Just a cupcake taking a dump.

Where's the seventh dwarf?

Forever suspended.

ONLY Judge Judy.

Twilight must have had a big impact on her life.

A winged pig cut in half?

Uh oh!

Yes, it does.

The new sideburns.

Was this an attempt at a cover up?

You'll always be able to play a game of checkers when this guy is around!

You don't have to do this to be loyal.

Is this a joke?

Must have been a VERY happy meal.

Such a creative use of body hair.

I have no words for this.

What about it?

Matching Britney tattoos on two guys...?