These Artists Reimagined Their Art As Famous Cartoons, And It’s Hilariously Clever.

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These drawings are all part of a new challenge among artists who share and promote their work on Instagram.

No matter how much school or tutelage they receive, a true artist will always have a style and aesthetic that is 100% their own. Sure, they might be inspired or influenced by other great work that they admire, but real talent lies in being able to take that influence and craft it into something original, something that people see and automatically associate with you.

That's what makes this Instagram artist's challenge so amazing: Each artist that participated showed their own work, then recreated other famous illustrations with their own individual flair. The result is an image that is all at once original and paying homage to the greats -- and also highlighting the signature style of everyone involved. Using their own talent and their approach to others' work, these artists have created something pretty epic. See how it got started, and check out the fruits of the Instagram artist's #stylechallenge in the photo below.


It's called the #stylechallenge, but the idea has nothing to do with the way the artists looks or dresses.


The idea is that each artists draw the same figure multiple times -- but there's a twist.


First, they draw the figure in their own style, using their own signature aesthetics.


Then, they draw the same figure again and again, but in the styles of some of the most famous animated shows on TV.


The result is fascinating, and a nod to how different artists keep their brands consistent.


Each look is so unique, but it's amazing how they all seem to share a certain quality -- what it is may be undefinable, but we can see it throughout each style.


Autumn Massaquoi, a 17-year-old student from London, was one of the first artists to take on the challenge. This is her work.


"I am glad that [my post] went viral," she told Buzzfeed. "Because it has produced tons of amazing artwork by talented artists from all over the world. It is my dream to inspire others like myself. It’s also exciting that many of the Instagram artists that I follow and admire have joined the challenge.”


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