Watch The Annual Migration Of Thousands Of Reindeer… It’s Totally Mesmerizing.

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Thanks to the commercialization of the winter holidays, we have seen more cartoon reindeer than real ones. Funnily enough, many of us don’t even know that reindeer and caribou share the same genus. The indigenous Sami people, however, have depended on reindeer as a fundamental part of their culture and society. The Sami, nicknamed "reindeer people," live in regions that span across Finland, Norway, Russia, and Sweden.

Jan Helmer Olsen is a photographer from Karasjok, Norway, where 80% of households are Sami speaking, and one of the key industries is reindeer herding. Olsen has captured amazing footage with a hexacopter, including this video of thousands of reindeer migrating from Norway to Finland. As much as we love Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, real life can be pretty spectacular.


Support Jan Helmer Olsen's work by visiting his official site and Vimeo.

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