This Ex-Marine Won’t Have To Be Sad Anymore Thanks To His Rescued Dog.

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This is the story of how Blade Anthony found love and healing from a sweet puppy named DD after his return home from Iraq as a medic in the Marine Corps.


It's estimated that 20% of military vets suffer from post traumatic stress disorder. Pets for Vets is an organization that rehabilitates and trains rescue dogs so they can live in harmony with military veterans. Each dog is selected for a vet based on matching or similar personalities, and in the end, both a dog finds a loving home and the vet finds companionship. It's difficult for people to understand the symptoms of someone who's dealing with PTSD, and a pet is a source of unconditional love and assurance that may be needed when certain moments aren't so bright. Of course, a pet may not be the only source of assistance in dealing with PTSD one should seek, although having a loving furry friend may be a great additional source of healing.

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