He Died And Went To Heaven, Here’s What He Saw There.

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Colton Burpo was only three years old when his appendix burst.

If you went to church as a child you won't forget the sermons of what happens when we die; we come face to face with our maker. Scientists, however, have a different theory. The medical community is clear about this; the moment your heart stops beating you are in the first stage of death, in essence you are clinically dead. Although scientists do agree if there is enough oxygen in the brain, there is no brain damage and major organs are also alive even if you are clinically dead.

During the second stage of death is when the cells of the body begin to degenerate while the organs begin to shut down. With the advances in medicine, people are able to be resuscitated and brought back to life. Time and time again, patients are able to recall having out-of-body experiences, even so far as to share their personal experiences of what they heard and "saw" while being technically dead.

Now science is trying to figure out what really happens when you die.

His parents Todd and Sonja Burpo initially thought the boy was fighting the flu, waiting a couple of days before rushing him to the hospital.

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