This Guy Found A 26 Year-Old Pair Of Sneakers, What He Did Next Is Pure WOW.



The concept of art restoration is nothing new, but sneaker restoration might be something you haven't considered. It makes sense: Vintage sneaker designs are totally amazing and hard to find, and for sneakerheads, each pair can be a work of art.

YouTuber RetroSneakers makes it his business to turn each pair of destroyed kicks that comes his way into a pair that look like new. In this video, he restores an incredible pair of 1989 Air Jordan 4's in Military Blue, the likes of which usually go for hundreds of dollars on line. The way he restores these sneakers is methodical and mesmerizing -- and you're not going to believe how fresh they look when he's finished.


Here's what $750,000 worth of sneakers looks like.

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