Kidnapped As A Baby, Watch The Exact Moment She’s Reunited With Mom.

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Me-Bai was given to a sanctuary, where she was able to begin the process of healing from her years of abuse.

When a young elephant named Me-Bai was just a few years old, she was ripped away from her mother and forced into a life of indentured servitude. Elephants that are forced into work are often beaten and exploited until their spirit is completely broken. This happened to Me-Bai, and afterward, she was sold to give rides to people as part of Thailand's disturbing elephant tourism industry.

Normally, elephants in captivity remain there for their entire lives, and Me-Bai visibily lost hope that she'd get out. She stopped eating and became depressed, and she was so ill that she wasn't of any use to her captor anymore.

And that's when she got her second chance.

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The staff at the sanctuary was able to nurse her back to health. They also discovered that Me-Bai's mom, Mae Yui, was just down the road. The staff and Me-Bai began walking to the site where her mom was, but the young elephant had no idea what was in store.

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Clearly, the two were overjoyed to be reunited after all these years. But their reunion wasn't all just snuggles and kisses...

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**Check out the video below, because how the newly reunited mother and child interact with one another will surprise you and bring a tear to your eye.**


That's right, the pair were actually talking to one another. It's no surprise: The two of them had a lot of catching up to do.

Here's a video of a baby elephant learning to use his trunk.

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