There Are Not Too Many Of These Left On Earth… But This One Just Learned To Walk.

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Before you watch this video, be warned: You may find yourself squealing with delight in front of your whole office. If you are fully prepared for that reality, please, continue.

This baby rhino was born at the Copenhagen Zoo at the end of January, making this strapping young specimen the first to be born on the zoo's grounds in 35 years. And when I say strapping, I mean strapping: He arrived in this world weighing in at about 120 pounds! Congratulations and commendations to this rhino's mother, Minna: In the video, she basically gives birth to the equivalent of a human adult female and act like it's no big deal.

The baby will be given time alone with it's mother before it's shown to the public, most likely sometime in the spring. Mother and calf are doing well, which is a great victory for the species: Rhinos are some of the most critically endangered animals in the world.

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