The ‘Rich Kids Of Snapchat’ Will Remind You How Broke You Are.


If you ran out of tissues, you'll probably have to play tricks to afford a box of Kleenex.

Life's already kicking you in the nuts, whether you have them or not. But life isn't the only one. There's a force far crueler out there and they're called rich kids. Yeah, we're talking about a bunch of underachieving yet way too financially over-privileged teens and young adults who get perverse pleasure at shoving their rich lifestyle in your face through Snapchat. Now you can start your morning feeling just a little worse. These kids love to drink and party all day inside their fancy schmanzy homes, pools, yachts, and luxurious sports cars and you'll simply love to hate them.

Fortunately, these kids can just use a pair of twenty dollar bills to wipe the snot from their noses, but not their snootiness.

Rich Kids of Snapchat / Facebook

Now this is how you make an entrance on your first day at school.

But school's still a drag, whether you're rich or not.

Rich Kids of Snapchat / Facebook

Did you enjoy that birthday card that your friends and family gave you for your birthday?

Well this super spoiled 14-year-old got a really expensive sports car for his birthday, and the sucker can't even drive yet... not legally anyway.

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When you're loaded with money, you need a bigger wallet.

Guess this rich kid has never heard of a bank in his life and that's probably to avoid paying taxes.

Rich Kids of Snapchat / Facebook

Life is full of hard choices, like what to wear, what to eat, or what job to choose.

But for some First Worlders, it can be a real nightmare choosing which sports car to drive out in.

Rich Kids of Snapchat / Facebook

This rich kid needed an incentive to pass their exams at school.

So daddy gave them a 1000 incentives. Is this family looking to adopt another member into their clan?

Rich Kids of Snapchat / Facebook

Some brats are under the misconception that their Lamborghini is the Wicked Witch Of The West.

No dude! It won't melt in the rain. So just order one of your many servants to dry the rain off with a towel.

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The average person is so broke they can only afford those plastic, barely functional, $1.99 watches from Eckerd, or Walgreens.

Too bad we can't all own a Rolex to complain about when it gets scratch or have enough cash in our accounts to replace it with a new one. I sure hope your Picasso doesn't fall on your head and hurts you, boy!

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Aw... poor baby! Were you expecting daddy to buy you Buckingham Palace?

Hopefully it was the murder house from American Horror Story's first season or the haunted mansion from season 6's "My Roanoke Nightmare".

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No plates? No problem. Just use a tablet.

When you're spoiled rich, you can afford to abuse your tablet with pizza.

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Daddy has clearly given this kid a lot of things, but humility was not one of them.

Since he's so rich, he could also spring for a spell checker to go with that sports car. Just sayin'. But good spelling probably never made anyone richer. I know.

Rich Kids of Snapchat / Facebook

They say one man's trash is another man's treasure.

Now you've learned that the process also works in reverse. Too bad the car isn't able to speak or we would hear it say the same thing about you.

Rich Kids of Snapchat / Facebook

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