The ‘Rich Kids Of Snapchat’ Will Remind You How Broke You Are.

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If you ran out of tissues, you'll probably have to play tricks to afford a box of Kleenex.

Life's already kicking you in the nuts, whether you have them or not. But life isn't the only one. There's a force far crueler out there and they're called rich kids. Yeah, we're talking about a bunch of underachieving yet way too financially over-privileged teens and young adults who get perverse pleasure at shoving their rich lifestyle in your face through Snapchat. Now you can start your morning feeling just a little worse. These kids love to drink and party all day inside their fancy schmanzy homes, pools, yachts, and luxurious sports cars and you'll simply love to hate them.

Fortunately, these kids can just use a pair of twenty dollar bills to wipe the snot from their noses, but not their snootiness.

Rich Kids of Snapchat / Facebook