This Teen Found A Wallet With $2,300. He Blamed His Mom For What He Did Next.

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When Tommy O’Connor found the wallet on the ground, it had $2,300 in cash inside.

The most charitable and kind acts sometimes come from the places you least expect, and such was the case of Tommy O'Connor.

Tommy is a high school senior in Fremont, California. The other day, he found a wallet containing over $2,000. Many teenagers wouldn't have thought twice and kept the money, but Tommy immediately knew that he had to find its rightful owner - even though his family is on a fixed income and he didn't even have enough to buy lunch the day before.

Though he insists that it's what anyone would have done, we're not so sure. That being said, we can understand his mother's pride, and the text she sent him after she found out what happened is totally heartwarming.

He turned it in to his teacher to find the owner, despite the fact that Tommy himself couldn't even buy lunch the previous day.

Tommy did find the owner,and received a reward of $50 for returning the wallet. However, the pride his mother had for him doing the right thing is priceless.

Here's the text she sent to commend her son. His response brought a tear to our eyes.


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