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A company called Touch has developed the HB ring which allows users to feel their partner's heartbeats.

For thousands of years rings have come to symbolize the commitment a man and a woman make to each other. The styles may have changed and evolved throughout history but the meaning behind it continues to be the bond between a couple in love.

Wedding rings are commonly used on the left hand in the fourth finger or the finger between the pinky and middle finger. It was believed that this finger was the “vena amoris," Latin for the “vein of love,” which ran from fourth finger directly to the heart. Although, this proved to be untrue the tradition continues to follow suit using it on this finger.

Technology has developed a way for couples in love to truly be close to each other when wearing jewelry. It is a way to finally physically feel each other’s heartbeat even when physically apart.

It uses traditional metals like rose gold and technology to capture a human's heartbeat.


It took manufacturers from Japan, Germany, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic 2.5 years to produce the ring.

The HB ring is made out of stainless steel, rose gold, and sapphire.


The rings are charged prior to use. You connect the ring to a free app set up by Touch.

After it's charged you put on the ring, tap it, and you hear your loved one's heartbeat immediately.


There are over 100 components used to make the ring.

The designers wanted to create something that was just more than precious metals.


The line in the middle of the ring gives tribute to the vena amoris.

The sapphire makes the ring both precious and almost unscratchable. This will make the ring look newer for years to come.


The company says the HB ring is the most sophisticated ring in the world.

It has 160 hours of stand-by and 14 hours of active time.


The ring is waterproof, nonetheless, it is not recommended to be worn while swimming.

This ring is an option for couples who travel a lot. It is also a new alternative to the traditional wedding rings.


The ring has a heartbeat sensor connecting to your loved ones ring.

You can be standing next to each other or in another country but by tapping the ring twice you can feel your lover's heart. If one person is not wearing the ring or the phone is off, the ring will give the heartbeat of the last time the wearer had the jewelry on.


The company admits they were told what they wanted to make was physically impossible to do.

Fitting over 100 components like bluetooth, heart sensor, and the precious stone like sapphire was not a technology manufacturers saw available in the near future. Nonetheless, through extensive research and testing, the HB ring became a reality.


The rings begin retailing at $599 for the pair. They each come with their own personal charger.

The second option is the solid rose gold retailing at $2990 for the pair. This set comes with two single chargers and one double charger.


->**Watch the HB ring in action.**<-

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