This Artist’s Drawings Exaggerate People’s Flaws, And It’s So Brutal You’ll Laugh.

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Presenting... Dracula. Who doesn't love a handsome man? We could sink our teeth into him.

We are more aware of our own flaws than anyone else but we eventually learn to live with them through confidence building, which may or may not involve a bottle of quality foundation. Another way to get there is through humor. We make fun of ourselves to get by.

For example, I have a slight gap between my two front teeth, the perfect place to store a toothpick, a straw, or perhaps even an elephant, according to my brothers anyway. For many years, I considered getting veneers.

Veneers aren't just normal for Hollywood celebrities like Keith Urban and Morgan Freeman, they are also something that a few of my friends decided on. But soon I learned to laugh about my gap and even adore it, eventually deciding against veneers altogether.

I bring this up because there's a cartoonist by the name of sketchyCrab who is highlighting people's 'flaws,' and despite how cruel it sounds, they love it! Through a subreddit called RoastMe, users can submit a photo of themselves along with a request to get roasted. In other words, they are asking to get obliterated, usually for the way they look. Some will respond with incredibly offensive captions but sketchyCrab responds with hilarious caricatures. So good it hurts.