Steve Irwin’s 13-Year-Old Son Is An Incredible Photographer.

Like his older sister, Bindi, Robert was always taught to love animals.

Remember Steve Irwin, the crocodile hunter who was like the real-life Crocodile Dundee? The Australian animal enthusiast lost his life doing the very thing he loved the most, which was being in the presence of animals. Since then, fans have mourned his loss, and hoped someone would step in to fill his shoes. Well, now it looks like someone has, and it's Irwin's very own son, Robert. Like his dad, he's fearless and is coming face to face with some of the most unusual, and in some cases, deadliest creatures on the planet and in the process, becoming an award-winning photographer... at 13! Crikey!

His father, Steve Irwin, sowed that philosophy seemingly into their DNA, and now it seems that he's ready to pick up where his father left off and tackle the most beautiful and most dangerous animals on the planet.