This Kid’s Costume Has Officially Won Halloween 2015.

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Seriously, how amazingly realistic is this? According to mom Christina, she basically custom tailored the costume to her son's body.

If you've seen Guardians of the Galaxy, you know all about the smart-mouthed raccoon named Rocket who served as an excellent sidekick for the main character. Chase Borchardt wanted to be Rocket for Halloween, and the costume his mom delivered definitely wins Halloween.

Admittedly, this mom has some serious crafting skills, and tons of time. But Chase is the one who gets to reap the benefits of that, and he had the best costume on the block last Saturday. You're going to be surprised at how realistic it is -- and how it actually moves when he talks.

DonandChristina Borchardt

**Here he is trying on the head for the first time. It's hard to believe there's actually a kid in there!**

Mask test. Chase is adorable

Posted by DonandChristina Borchardt on Monday, August 4, 2014


Here's some more children who did Halloween right this year.

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