Mind-Blowing Timelapse Shows 600 Sailboats And Pirate Ships Like Never Seen Before.

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It's the largest free nautical event in the world, and the amount of seaworthy vessels at Sail Amsterdam is absolutely incredible. The event happens every five years, bringing together over 600 boats and tall ships. The ships sail the Netherland North Sea Canal before their final destination in Amsterdam.

This year, over 2.7 million people came to watch the event, and luckily, there were plenty of photographers to document it. One of those photographers was Boyd Baptist, who captured this time lapse video and these insane aerial photographs.

Here's a shot of all the boats sailing down the canal.

Boyd Baptist

In this image, sailors stand in the rigging of a tall ship.

AP / Phil Nijhuis

There were hundreds of tall ships and smaller boats that participated in the event.

AP / Cris Toala Olivares

Here, the Columbian tall ship ARC Gloria is escorted by small boats.

AP / Cris Toala Olivares

The Russian ship Kruzenshtern arriving in Amsterdam after sailing down the canal.

AP / Phil Nijhuis

For maritime lovers, this was surely a sight to behold.

AP / Phil Nijhuis

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