If Samurai Had Smartphones History Might Have Been Very Different.

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Nope, things definitely wouldn't have gone well for the samurais if they'd been engrossed in their smartphones.

Samurai's are historically know for their tremendous prowess, discipline, and agility -- but as it turns out, that could have all completely unraveled if the samurais had access to smartphones.

“Samurai Smartphone Parade” was created by the Japanese company NTT Docomo, made as a PSA to warn their customers about the dangers of texting and walking. In fact, this risky endeavor even has a word in Japanese, arukisumaho, which literally translates to "smartphone walking."

In the video, samurais participating in the ancient ritual of sankin kotaj (a type of massive group pilgrimage meant to keep the ancient lords from amassing too much wealth). As you can guess, the use of smartphones doesn't exactly lend itself to the samurai's success on their journey.

We're wondering if there's a Japanese word for "epic fail."

**See the hilarious PSA in it's entirety below.**

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