Every Morning She Has To Dig Her Way Free. Look At Where She Lives.

This is Shoyna.

Have you ever heard of Shoyna? Well, that's because it isn't typically marked on maps. Shoyna is a quaint village in northern Russia, situated along the coast of the White Sea.

The land is covered in mounds of sand, so much so that the village even has its own bulldozer for digging out homes. Due to their location, the locals have to endure not only the large amounts of sand but also the cold.

Originally a fishing village — more below on why this trade is now defunct — Shoyna's 300 or so inhabitants now rely on unemployment, pensions, and hunting geese for survival.

If you are interested in visiting, you can get there by aircraft or by ship as there are no roads or railroads connected to the curious area. There aren't any hotels either, but there's reportedly some empty barracks open to guests (don't expect any amenities), and the locals are said to be very hospitable.

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It's a small village along the coast of the White Sea in Northern Russia, specifically Arkhangelsk Oblast.