This High-Tech Sandbox Is The Toy You Really Wanted As A Kid, Look What It Does!


What kid doesn't love a great sandbox?

If we're being honest, we know that the best DIY projects come with a recipient in mind. Sure, it might be cool to fill your house with mason jar candles -- but wouldn't it be even cooler to give them to a friend?

This high-tech DIY'er decided to do something special for his son, giving him a handmade gift in the form of a DIY sandbox. This isn't an ordinary sandbox, though. No, this one comes with lights, colors, and a building process that looks equal parts intimidating and fun. The final result is pretty bad ass, and the best part is that the original builder created thorough directions, so you can follow along as he does it.

Check out the basics below, and if you ever get confused about the process, check out his original post. There, you'll find more resources to help you create the sandbox of your kid's (and possibly your own) dreams.

Which OG sandboxes are pretty cool, this dad set out to make one like you've never seen before.