Artist Creates Jaw-Dropping Ephemeral Sand Murals Across UK Beaches.

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We all know that anything you draw on the sand will soon disappear into oblivion.

“I find inspiration everywhere,” says Marc Treanor, the artist who wants to leave his mark on the world…literally. Known for his impressive sand murals across the UK, Treanor can usually be found taking a stroll along the seashore, working on his art on the sand. But calling his art “sand circles” would not even begin to describe all the planning, dedication, and intricate work that goes into these beautiful sand patterns that decor the beaches of the United Kingdom, and his native Wales.

Perhaps, it’s that ephemeral quality that makes sand work so fascinating, as they’ll only get to exist in pictures. And Treanor, of Sand Circles, knows his beautiful designs will only exist momentarily, but as he writes on his website, that “the only thing we can rely on in the three-dimensional world is impermanence.”

Marc Treanor - Sand Circles / Facebook