Twitter User Celebrated Graduation With A Post For Her Mom That Has Everyone In Tears.

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May is a month of celebration for seniors since it's graduation time. Many students are sharing memories of their school years with their friends and fellow students on social media. One graduate has everyone in tears on Twitter. She posted selfies she took with her mother during the last 4 years of high school, and they quickly went viral.

Twitter user @nanatat07 wrote, "Yesterday was my last day of high school. For 4 years I’ve taken pictures with my mom on my first and last days of school. She wasn’t able to make it for the last one, but her strength motivated me to stay strong during this time. All of my hard work is for her!"

The daughter and mother had posed with big smiles and celebratory treats in each of the photos. In the final selfie, the Texas graduate made sure to include her mother again, and she even brought along a drink.