This Elderly, Homeless Dog Just Had The Best Fright Of His Life.

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For the most part, puppies have an easier time getting adopted than older dogs. They're cuter, they're smaller, and most people think that establishing a bond with a dog is important to do from a young age.

This video proves that a relationship with a senior dog, especially one taken from dire straights, can be just as beautiful and rewarding. Watch this aging pup get a second chance at life.

Animal rescuer Eldad Hagar found Mufasa living outside of a water treatment plant in Los Angeles. He was ill, he was likely starving, and he ran the risk of encountering harsh toxic chemicals.

At first, Mufasa refused to get close to Hagar. A few cheeseburgers and a lot of patience got him to reconsider.

What makes this video so special is that you can actually see the happiness and relief wash over Mufasa's face as he is being cared for. When he finally makes it to his foster home, he even has a smile on his face.

It's an awesome story, and it was made possible by the good people of Hope For Paws. Check out their website to find out how you can help a dog in need.

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