They Put Cameras Inside A Japanese School Cafeteria... This Is What They Saw.

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It’s not just about healthy food choices at school that makes Japan’s lunch time an example for countries around the world. Responsibility and community effort are at the forefront of the country's successful 45 minute period.

Pupils are expected to pack the following into their lunch kits: a napkin, placemat, toothbrush, and a cup for their meals. Furthermore, children grow their own vegetables on the school grounds for the cooking staff to prepare. Thanking the cooks who worked hard to make their lunches is a daily ritual.

All of this happens even before students take a bite of their nutritious and tasty food. After the kids are finished eating, they are required to brush their teeth and clean their classrooms and hallways. It may seem like this session is laborious and dull. Although, these kids do it all with smiles on their faces.


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