What School Lunches Look Like In 20 Countries Around The World.

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School lunch in India doesn't look very appetizing

When kids go to school every day they need to stop halfway through the day to refuel. Some bring their lunches and some choose to eat what the school offers. It’s interesting to see what different countries think are actually better meals. Some focus on calories and protein while some don’t seem to have any focus at all.

For several years now there has been a lot of controversy over the number of obese kids in the United States. School lunches have been adjusted over that time to reflect a more healthy eating style. You’ll see in a few minutes that some of the meals are geared toward better taste over health. What the controversy doesn’t take into consideration however is they focus on what is served in the schools. That can be controlled but what the kids bring on their own can’t be controlled. They can offer healthier meals for the kids to eat but if they bring their own lunch from home it really doesn’t matter.

Today you’ll see several school lunches from around the world and you can compare them from country to country. Some of them don’t look very good but are actually very healthy. It’s fun to see what each region feels is best for the kids to eat each day. The question is though, if kids aren’t enticed by the way it looks, what’s to stop them from bringing their own lunch from home? Apparently it’s a common practice in Iran, as you’ll see shortly.

This lunch of curd-rice, sambar and rassogula doesn't look very good at all.

Krupa Asher