He Grabs A Pile A Scrap Wood, What He Does With It… I’m Lost For Words.

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Dambo began his career in graffiti but found street art has more meaning.

Every year millions of pounds of wood scrap end up in city dumpsters around the world. From small house projects like building a chest, table, and chairs, to larger pieces needed for commercial purposes.

Cities around the country have curb-side collection programs that will pick-up wood while others provide drop off locations for residents. Other municipalities have facilities that chip scrap lumber to be used for compost and mulch. It's just a matter of people taking an active role in reducing our ecological footprint.

Danish artist Thomas Dambo is putting his talent to good use. The man spends a lot of his time collecting scrap wood in his home city of Copenhagen in Denmark. What other people see as junk to be disposed off, Dambo see this as the material he needs to build giant sized sculptures. From old ships, houses, and other junk, the man wants people to reflect on the amount of scrap thrown out while also have fun and interact with his pieces.

Thomas Dambo