Sailors Spot A Mysterious Sea Creature Floating Near Their Boat, But What Is It?

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It all started when Iranian sailors spotted this floating in the water.

If you see something mysterious floating in the water, it's usually due to something totally explainable: An old shoe, a dead animal, a capsized boat. From far away, these things look intimidating. Up close, they're usually nothing that impressive. But in this instance, the floating object in question is not only confusing, but downright terrifying: In other words, finding out what it is might even be scarier than leaving it a mystery.

It all started when some sailors in the Persian Gulf spotted the large mass in the distance. They got a bit closer, only to realize that the stinky mass of rotting...something...was basically unidentifiable. They posted pictures of the mass to Reddit, and the Internet sleuths of the world quickly got to work identifying it. They may not agree on what they found, but everyone can agree on the fact that this finding is totally bizarre. Check out the photos and wager your own guesses below.

Curious, they all came in for a closer look -- but no one could figure out what it was.