This Videographer Does Something That Will Make You See Birds Differently.

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For many beach-goers and coastal-dwellers, seagulls are generally considered a nuisance. They squawk loudly, defecate in less than ideal places, and sometimes even steal your snacks.

If you agree, then you should definitely watch this video. Your opinion about seagulls might be forever changed.


It's hard to believe that those are seagulls looking so beautiful and serene, isn't it?

Videographer Parker Paul captured the flight pattern of the seagull, making these aquatic birds look more appealing than ever. Using After Effects editing software, he first took footage of the birds flying, and then created mirrors of their motion to highlight their flightpath. The footage shows that the flight of the seagull doesn't have any particular rhyme or reason, but instead changes from straight lines, to curves, to helixes - and never seems to have a destination.

The resulting footage is so tranquil and relaxing, you'll have to remind yourself that it's actually seagulls doing the work - maybe you'll even be a little more tolerant of these fine-feathered friends the next time you're at the beach.

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