The Seahorse Is Nature’s Most Romantic Creature. Here’s Why…

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We all have our own definition of romance and an idea of how we want to be courted. Whether it’s getting flowers, going for a nice walk or simply spending the day together, it’s all about intimacy. Seahorses may be small and cute marine animals but they have the practice of courtship down to a science.

Seahorses spend days swimming side-by-side, holding each other’s tails, and even wheel around as part of wooing each other. The fish swim in unison, mirroring movements in perfect unison, contributing to their courtship dance which can last up to eight hours. This leads to the female’s eggs maturing.

Eventually the female impregnates the male by depositing thousands of eggs into his pouch. To add to their miniature romance, the female seahorse will visit her partner daily throughout his pregnancy. This video gives a glimpse at the mating ritual of two seahorses at the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California.

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