28 Parents Who Turned Their Back For LITERALLY 30 Seconds… AGGGH.


But it's not clean up time yet.

Most people have their lives generally mapped out for them: grow up, get a career, get married, raise a family. This is the average route many people take. Some people even dream about having kids before they've found the person they want to have kids with.

They think about how many kids they want, what gender they prefer, and potential baby names. However, when they fantasize about their future perfect family they don't think about the cons of having kids -- how messy they are, how loud they can be, and how much stress they may cause you.

Don't get me wrong, having and raising kids is a beautiful experience but everything comes with a price. Take a look at some of the photos below that may or may not give you second thoughts of having children.

Hide-and-go-seek 1 2 3 go!

Oh just doing some rearranging.

That's not covered by Apple Care.

I wanna be a dog, woof woof!!

We gotta move fast before they wake up!

You won't believe the day I had.

We ran out of paper to draw on!

Don't ask me!

We never see you guys using these things anymore anyways.

I wrote you guys a note today!

Why can't I just stay home?!

Go go, the coast is clear!

Now where's my food.

Why are you screaming? What happened? I can't see, there's paint over my eyes.

I may or may not have glued my eyes shut...

It all happened so fast.


It was the dog!

Look what I accomplished today!

At least I didn't break anything!

Barcroft USA

I personally think it looks better.

We were looking for the prize!

It's not my fault you guys bought a white couch.

Peanut butter time!

He was looking at me funny.

Just looking for a midnight snack.

Oh hey, what's up?