It Looks Like A Quaint Townhome, But When You Step Inside… What The Heck?!?

The mid-terrace home can be easily dismissed from the outside.

One house in the town of Bridgnorth, England is unassuming with its traditional brick exterior but once guests walk through the front door, they enter a place unlike anything they have seen. Local artist Anthony Dracup spent years chiselling, moulding, and graining from the back entrance to the living room. By the time he completed, the home was referred to as the “Hobbit house” in the 1990’s.

House #30 is now up for sale for £199,950 or $285,268. Gothic archways, an impressive 24 pillars are all part of the two bedroom property. Dracup’s renovation of the space added an additional 650 square footage. This home is perfect for anyone inspired by the world of J.R.R. Tolkien.