If The Great Artists Had A Samsung Instead Of A Paintbrush They’d Have Done This…

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Frida Kahlo

With the advent of smartphones and digital cameras, people now have the opportunity to take photos of themselves anytime and anywhere. In fact, selfies are so popular and the phenomenon is so widespread, that even Oxford Dictionaries has added the word ‘selfie’ to its online dictionary.

To keep up with the selfie craze and to provide exceptional picture quality, Samsung has produced the NXmini. Its slogan, “For Self-Portraits. Not Selfies,” says it all. The creative team at Leo Burnett Switzerland has put a new spin on the historic self portraits of Vincent van Gogh, Frida Kahlo and Albrecht Dürer.

In each of the three ads, the artist is framing up his or her face with the new camera. Within the view-screen is the artist’s iconic self portrait. The ads are the stuff of marketing genius.

It definitely makes you wonder what the art landscape would look like if digital cameras were around at the time these great artists lived.

Albrecht Dürer

Vincent van Gogh

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