‘Selfie Arms’ Are The Latest Funny Japanese Invention You’ll Never Buy.

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Mansoon has two selfie sticks in the sleeves connected to rubber hands he ordered online.

Selfie sticks are either a blessing or a curse. Tourists who love to document their every move will take the sticks everywhere, oblivious to the inconvenience of others around. Some people welcome public venues like Disneyland, museums, and sporting events banning the use of the sticks.

Mansoon is an engineer who didn't hate the selfie sticks but felt embarrassed using one. He decided to make his own version by disguising it as an arm, a very long arm. The Japanese inventor even made the matching limb for the other arm so he could go about taking selfies without anyone noticing. Or so he thought.


The engineer stood on a bridge in Asakusa, a popular tourist area to test taking a selfie inconspicuously.


This is the result of his quirky invention.


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