The Selfie Spoon Is Here, And It’s Going To Ruin Breakfast Forever.

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Behold, this magnificent prototype.

This post combines three of my favorite things: Cinnamon Toast Crunch, eating while doing other things, and taking copious amounts of selfies.

If this sounds like you, the Selfie Spoon is about to rock your world. Though the product sounds like a punchline, we can assure you that it's totally real and totally awesome. Cinnamon Toast Crunch has finally decided to tap into the millennial market and create something that will allow people to Instagram eating cereal (amongst other things). Sounds like a brilliant marketing plan if we've ever heard one.


The selfie spoon gives you all the resources you need to be great.


It will quickly become your favorite utensil, and your friends will learn to love all the photos of you eating.


Look at all these people, living their best lives.


**The stick comes only with a purple handle, extends to over 30 inches, and has a detachable remote. See it in action in the video below.**

Ready for your own? Check out the SelfieSpoon website and get yours as soon as humanly possible. Your social media - and your breakfast - depends on it.

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