This Senior Couple Prove That Life (And Love) Gets Better With Age.

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All relationships have their ups and downs, but at its fundamental core, love can survive as long as there's laughter. There's a myth that over the years, people get older and more serious in their relationships, unable to goof around or make the other person laugh like they used to.

This couple proves that myth wrong.

It's such a small, inconsequential moment, but it shows an intimacy and love between them that will definitely make you smile. You won't finish this video without a grin on your face just as big as the grins on theirs.

A senior couple enjoyed goofing around in a restaurant while s...

This is a glimpse into my future.. Seniors RULE! #adorable~ Brian Mack

Posted by 99.9 SUN FM on Wednesday, November 4, 2015


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