12 Amazing Stories Of Twins Separated At Birth.

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Elyse Schein and Paula Bernstein

Do you have a brother or sister that you couldn't imagine being separated from? Typically, your siblings are the first friends that you have and a lot of people tend to remain close with their siblings throughout their entire life. Now, imagine being separated from the person that you shared your mother's womb with? That's right, imagine being separated from your twin. Most people can't fathom that happening to them and it sounds like it's just a made up story that you'd find in a tabloid, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Surprisingly, there is an overwhelming number of stories about twins who were separated from each other at birth. Keep reading to learn about 12 different sets of twins who were taken away from each other before they could even walk.

Imagine looking for your birth mother, only to find out that there's a bigger secret. Elyse Schein was 35 when she contacted the adoption agency that handled her case. She was looking for information about her birth mother, but she discovered that she actually had a twin sister! The agency contacted Paula Bernstein and gave her Elyse's contact information. The twins met and eventually wrote a book together.

"Identical Strangers" is about their journey of meeting someone who had the same exact DNA. To write their book, the twins met with the psychologist who purposely kept them separated so he could study them. It would turn out that the psychologist wasn't apologetic whatsoever for keeping them apart. Fortunately, New York state began requiring that adoption agencies kept siblings together in the early 1908s.


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