This Guy Turns Boring Buildings Into Works Of Art... The Reason Why Is Awesome.

Julien "Seth" Malland aka Seth Globepainter sees building structures as his canvass. The French artist uses the massive walls to paint children looking into another window or universe. The locations tend to be very urban but with the artist’s touch, he brings colour, fantasy, and innocence.

His trademark of always painting the kids looking away, only showing the back of their hair or profile has a specific purpose. “I often hide the faces so that the public can easily identify themselves. It’s up to each and everyone to find in it a personal meaning,” says Seth.

He uses his characters as the gateway into an imaginary sphere. His murals can be found in places like Canada, Tahiti, China, and Brazil. He hopes that aside from the beauty his art brings it also makes a point, “to open a debate on our relationship with materialism, progress and this ever-changing world.”