Litter Of Puppies Rescued After Being Left On Remote Island.

When Junior Cook and Leon Colombe heard crying in the distance, they grabbed their binoculars.

What would you do if you heard crying coming from somewhere nearby? This was a question that Junior Cook and his friend, Leon Colombe, had to ponder. Cook lives near a lake, so both he and Colombe were chilling out in Cook’s yard one night in Cross Lake, Manitoba, Canada. But then they heard something that was very odd. It sounded like crying, but that wasn’t possible because the only thing in front of them was water from the lake. At first, the men simply brushed off the noises, but as the crying continued, they decided to investigate and what they found was shocking.

The only thing Cook could see through the binoculars were small shapes moving around in the distance, but he assumed they were wolves on an island. But the next morning, they heard the crying continue, so they took their boat out to investigate.